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12 Productivity and Conflict Resolution Tips Leaders Use to Take Their Teams to the Next Level

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By Andréa Albright Once an individual has become an authority, their influence is so powerful that they begin to need the help of a team. Building this team and learning to communicate with your team is the most essential part of growth for a business or entrepreneur. It is so important that leaders must recognize the weight which it holds, …

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make During Presentations. And How to Avoid Them.

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Throughout our leadership journey, we are constantly reminded of the essential nature of clear communications. We are expected to present on many topics to our teams, leadership, and professional organizations. We have all experienced mind-numbing presentations, but the few we remember as exceptional have one thing in common – they tell a compelling story.  We all remember the story of the …

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Five Things All Great Authors Must Have (That Actually Have Nothing to Do with Writing)

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By: Les Maness It’s been said that nearly everyone has one great book in them. But the reality is that most people never even attempt to write it. And while there’s several factors why aspiring authors give up before they ever get started, the most frequent reason given is, “I am not a writer”. Well, if that’s you, then best-selling …