The Productivity Playbook: How to Get Peak Performance from Yourself and Those Around You

According to research by Zippia, companies that focus on productivity and performance have 30% to 40% higher profit margins than their competitors. The same research also shows that the best companies are up to 40% more productive than their competitors. 

The bottom line: Productivity and performance workshops help generate better profits for the companies that implement them.

In this fun, engaging, science-based workshop, Jamie Turner will guide your employees through a step-by-step process designed to help them improve their performance at work.

Here’s just some of what they’ll learn:

  • Stress Management: Strategies to identify and cope with stress in the workplace.
  • Communication and Collaboration: How to improve interpersonal skills and foster a collaborative work environment.
  • Work-Life Balance: How work-life balance improves well-being and prevents productivity drains.
  • Innovation and Creativity: How to think creatively and propose innovative solutions to challenges.
  • Motivation and Engagement: Why understanding hidden motivators is an essential way to improve employee engagement.
  • Time Wasters and Distractions: How to identify and eliminate common time-wasting activities and distractions.
  • Delegation and Empowerment: How to delegate effectively and empower team members to take on more responsibility.
  • Conflict Resolution: How to use conflict resolution skills to address and resolve issues professionally.
  • Building Habits for Success: Strategies to establish positive habits that support ongoing productivity and performance improvement.

About Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, professor, speaker, and consultant who has helped employees from some of the world’s largest organizations do a better job leading themselves and leading others.

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