Would you like to experience a free preview of the Unspoken Rules of Leadership? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The course is based on Jamie Turner’s Four Pillars of Leadership which includes Mindset, Mentoring, Management, and Marketing.

Executives from The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, IBM, and other corporations around the globe have used the Unspoken Rules of Leadership to learn how to do a better job leading others and leading themselves.

The full course is broken into four modules:

  • Mindset: In this module, executives are taught how to improve their mindset and thinking skills. After all, good thoughts lead to good actions which lead to better outcomes.
  • Mentoring: This module is perfect for executives who want to learn how to do a better job working one-on-one with employees or members of their staff.
  • Management: In this module (which is also part of our free preview), executives learn how to use improved communication and persuasion skills to manage their teams.
  • Marketing: This module is designed for people who want to build authority by learning new communication skills, presentation skills, and persuasion skills.

Would you like to experience the free preview? If so, click here or the image below.

To learn more about the Unspoken Rules of Leadership and how you can leverage it for your organization, email Jamie Turner at Jamie@JamieTurner.Live.