Greetings. My name is Jamie Turner and I’m excited about the possibility of working with the NAFCD-NBMDA Convention Planning Committee for your event this November.

I travel the globe teaching executives how to improve their communication skills, how to be more productive, and how to do a better job leading themselves and leading others.

If the NAFCD-NBMDA is looking for an engaging, fun, action-oriented workshop, then you’ve come to the right place. My Unspoken Rules of Leadership platform teaches people science-based techniques they can use to be better leaders.

I’ve included information about the Unspoken Rules of Leadership below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at Jamie@JamieTurner.Live.



The people who benefit most from the Unspoken Rules don’t fit into any specific category or demographic. Rather, it’s perfect for any executive interested in learning science-based tools and techniques that will help them do a better job leading themselves and leading others. 

Are attendees at the NAFCD-NBMDA Convention ambitious, hard working, and ready to learn new things? They would be perfect. As would a manager who wants to improve their mentoring skills. Or the seasoned executive who wants to improve their emotional IQ. 

The bottom line: The Unspoken Rules of Leadership is for any executive interested in learning new skills that will help them do a better job leading themselves and leading others. 



“Jamie Turner and his Unspoken Rules platform taught me how to put my career vision into action. He showed me how to visualize being on the BBC. It worked! Jamie believed in me. Dreams really do come true!” — Perrine Farque, author and speaker

“As a Doctor of Business (DBA) and a Doctor of Executive Leadership (DEL) with a Master of Science Organizational Leadership (MSOL), I wish to applaud you. Your street level guidance has successfully distilled both of my Doctorates and lesser degrees into four interactive sessions. Well done and kudos!” — Dr. George R. Rivera


Your employees want to learn how to be better leaders, mentors, and managers. The problem is that they need a roadmap that shows them the way. 

The Unspoken Rules uses science-based techniques to help employees work more productively, more efficiently, and more thoughtfully with those around them. 


Attendees at the NAFCD-NBMDA Convention will learn about the Four Pillars of Leadership (seen above):

  • Mindset: In this module, employees will learn how to improve their thinking as a way to improve their business outcomes.
  • Mentoring: This module helps employees learn how to build a bridge between themselves and the people they’re working with.
  • Management: In this module, employees who are leading teams will be taught science-based persuasion and communication techniques.
  • Marketing: This module helps employees learn how to communicate with intention, how to make effective presentations, and how to build a personal brand that resonates with others.


Would you like to learn more about the Unspoken Rules of Leadership? If so, then let’s open up a dialogue. Just call 678-313-3472 or email Jamie Turner at Jamie@JamieTurner.Live.